Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What is cheaper than thrift shopping?

Thrift shops having a sale. Ohhhh yea. Nothing sweeter than that.
Today in St. Helena the Catholic thrift shop was having a BAG sale.
12.50$ per bag. Seems a steep price, but hey it's St. Helena.

I walked into the shop and it was almost BARE!!
I found two pairs of pants I would actually consider wearing in public.
One was a 50's capri style white pant, and
the other a classic brown linen J crew pair.

I went with the latter. The white pants did horrible things to my backside
that we won't discuss in detail here.
Of course I had to spin my neck around to
check out how it fit on my tush! J Crew, now that passed the test.

At the check out: Half off the 3$ price tag=$1.50 SWEET.

Now I can fit in with the other St. Helena linen wearing fashionistas.
Just in time for me to move to Vallejo.
Oh, the irony.

Also found that day the other two items in this photo.
Price tag? Also, about a buck each.

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