Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Booty of the Year

Hands down the best deal I scored so far this year was something I NEVER thought I would own. They are so expensive I learned to use their name with a hint of disgust veiled under my tone of awe when referring to them.

Yes folks I got me a pair of Jimmy Choo's.

At. A thrift store.
Perhaps it was the Made in London that tipped them off to the fact they should be put in the fancy hutch behind the glass, slightly more expensive than the rest.
Still, they were only about $15.oo folks.
For those who aren't aware, these footwear retail for between $500 to $1,000 a pair.

I wore those babies out of the store, and all the way to my car I had parked about a mile away.

Whomever they belonged to, I can proudly say YES I have walked a mile in your shoes.
Now how about try walking in MINE for a day?!
Actually that would have been a challenge the beginning of this year, when I took 26 units in a manic panic to transfer. (Which was still unsucessful. Me, bitter?! Nawww) But now I am left with so much free time, I can actually BLOG.
I have debated selling them...but I also love being able to say I own a pair of Choos. What, shoes? No no CHOOS darling.

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