Thursday, December 3, 2009

One woman's trash becomes another woman's "OMG I have wanted one of those FOREVER" treasure.

Howdy ladie's and gents.
(By the way I have to say thank you to my new followers. It made me downright giddy!)
So I've got the traditional cold and or flu that comes along with this season.
Maybe this blog won't be as sman-dazzling as it could be.
Let's get to the point. This buggy.
It's my cherry on my sundae. My sprinkles on my cupcake.

A good friend of mine, we'll just call him ...Justin, called me up. He asked me would I like something his mother couldn't get rid of, no one seemed to want it. I think that's how he first worded it? Sign. me. UP! THANKfully somewhere it got conveyed this was a vintage baby buggy.
A what? Then the rays of heaven opened up.
You see, my hopefully captive audience, I was JUST drooling over vintage baby buggies at an antique sale. THEY wanted over 60$ for theirs. One was even over 150$!!!!
The great thing about this item is that it's made for dolls. So it fits great in my little breakfast nook as a piece to admire. I like to move things around a lot though, so visit me later and then we'll see where it's at.

Oh behind it you see a washing... scrubber ...??? I should know the name for it but I don't.
I do know it was made for mainly underthings in olden days to be washed on. Like pantyhose.
I think they look charmingly rustic. My mother passed that down to me. Total price of my dreamy relics? Free.00$

Then there is this gem. The lights.
You are looking at the lights.

Thankfully they replaced the 70s lamp craziness that was going on there.
This is my mother in law's cast off. See, normally I kind of glaze over what my
ex husband tells me when he calls me. I'm sorry but it's just the facts mam.
However. When I hear the words. "My mother doesn't want" And "I think it's your style"
well my ears perk up, and I say YES PLEASE!

Now, last but not least.

Check HER out!!
She lived in my empty downstairs vacant apartment.
Along with empty boxes.
So I asked my landlady, might I borrow it for an event?
Borrow?? You can HAVE it she replied!!
She now fills my kitchen with music that is the soul of my house.

And did anyone notice I was too cheap to buy another curtain rod for the darker panels?
Yep, I simply pulled them up behind, through the existing rod.
Voila. FREE installation. And now it's also cutting down on my heating bill, making my kitchen oh so much warmer.

Check in soon, because I don't even know what I'm going to post next...

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