Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pretty pretty boxes!

WHAT is a girl to do when she's faced with THE most gorgeous box that is not only artwork but FUNCTIONAL as well?!
Well, she waits untill she has a coupon of course!! 50% off at that.

So, get this. It gets rung up, and I see $4.33 pop up. (I am thinking it would be at LEAST $10.) Simple math whizz that I am, I deduce I'm only going to fork over 2 bucks for this this gem!! You can't see the pretty damask print on the sides even! Thank you Michaels. Thank you. Now I don't feel bad splurging on something I REALLY didn't need. But since I can't have a clawfoot tub, THIS will do. ;)

And it will store my hair things, no more bending down to get them out of my under sink cabinet space!

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