Friday, May 21, 2010

Beautiful Inside and Out

So, decorating inside, and working on my Secret Garden outside...patio furniture all that on a BUDGET seemed daunting at first. But, things work out. Check this out.

The shrub in the first photo (Free, Thanks mother!) I had NO idea would bloom!!! When I peeked out my window and saw those purple bursts of color my heart sped up and it felt like my stomach came up to my throat, sort of like on a roller coaster.
In the back of the shrub is a great rose bush my boyfriend gave me for mothers day, the redwood patio furniture set was about 25$ from a moving sale.
The sweet cafe painting is huge about was marked at 16$ so I told the guy some nails were sticking out funny. He gave it to me for Ten!!! I need to start decorating my downstairs so guess where that will be going? ;)
The tree in the last photo was gifted to me by a neighbor who was having a garage sale. I sorely need to replant it. It pays to not be a hermit!! ;)

So if you can't tell yet, I'm really starting to focus on my backyard. Just picked up a lot of soil, mulch and starter plants for vegetables and melons. Hopefully by the fall or summer I'll have photos to show of my bounitful harvest.

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