Saturday, April 17, 2010

I don't normally like decor from the dollar store.
Cute Font? Oh yes.

It seems like a project you'd see on Martha Stewart.

The way this curves makes me I'm floating on a river. - $1

I've wanted a birdcage veiled vintage hat for so long. Doubly delicious are the feathers... Thrift store I do adore thee. Oh yes what's that behind it? The document that says I studied and stayed in class long enough to get 60 units to put towards a Social and Behavioral Science degree. It wasn't planned on for that particular one, it just was the best fit for all the classes I had hodge-podged in my collection.

Trader Joes daffodils brought a burst of color to my life.
They brought sunshine into my home. I'm picky about colors in this haven I've made.

Yellow is my chosen accent color.

I've yet to find a permanent yellow item.

This did nicely while they last.
1$. For a bunch of TEN!

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