Saturday, April 17, 2010

Retro Love

Thrift stores have been a part of my life ever since my grandma was buying me funky printed cartoon print pants. This sweet something was picked up recently on a trip with a friend for only, a dollar. This is one of those shirts that can put me in a different mood...the domestic goddess of my household kind. Minus the pretentiousness that goddess implies.
This dress will find itself in a meadow by a stream. My pedicured toes slipped into some delicate sandals. I'm not afraid of bold hawaiin prints when it belongs to something so light and drapes me just right. It's hard to find a good fit. So many dresses look great on a rack, but oh, dear goodness. Seeing some of them on me makes my mouth twist up like the first time I had grapefruit. Thrift stores are better when shopped with a friend. I see so many things that are great but not for me. Especially in the furniture sections. I want to take photos of them and post them to alert others...would people like something like that I wonder?

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