Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The missing link

One of the hardest things to figure out was how to decorate my breakfast nook.

This room makes me feel extravagant.
An entire extra room for...anything I want!
I call it my creative room and for now it's set up for tea for two!
The kids do crafts here, or we sit and type on our vintage typewriter...
I bring my laptop here and envision writing my entire novel while sipping hot cocoa. (I've done this once, MUST rinse and repeat!)
It's my most vintage centric area...I like vintage pieces all over my home but have modern mixed in as well.

SO...I had this one corner with NADA. Nothing. Until the other day at Goodwill,

it found me, or I found it.

It's a little black table that matches nicely with the vintage black buggy
I have in the corner next to it!
Check it out.
Only 6$

I like the rustic chipped look, I will however use a sharpie marker to fill in a spot or two.

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